7 Types of Video Production Equipment For Videographer

7 Types of Video Production Equipment For Videographer

When you think about best video production equipment, the questions are common to you. Which equipment is carrying the need for video making? There is plenty of relevant equipment. All are not important equally.

On the others hand, some equipment should not be overlooked. Among all others, video production equipment, the most remarkable equipment is here.

If you want to produce the best video, you must need to know the 7 types of best video production equipment. At the outset of taking video production equipment, you have to consider your status.

Are you a beginner or advanced video producer? A tone of video equipment is available for the advanced video producer. If you are a beginner, you should concentrate not on the tone of items. Rather you should concentrate only the best video production equipment.



The camera is the main device for video producing. It is better to take the full frame camera for a beginner. There is lots of full frame camera available on the market. Although the entire camera is not same, few cameras are enough appropriate for Beginner. The expert suggests that The Canon Mark III and Canon Mark 5D II are appropriate for a beginner.


best lighting kits for video
Lighting Kits

The best video lighting kits are the most effective part of having the splendid video. Among all other necessary equipment, you have to give priority to the best lighting kits. Lighting kits are mandatory for having better splendid Images and better photography. You can check our other post for regular video lighting kits.

There are also some devices those known as night vision monoculars. Actually, Night Vision Monoculars are portable devices to amplify light. You can check top 10 night vision monoculars to our partner site Omy9.com


camera lense
Camera Lens

When you go to select the lenses of the camera, you must emphasize on the LENS of the camera. The Lens of the camera plays the most effective role to have an excellent photograph. The walk around lenses is great for having an excellent photograph. The longer range stuff is also another matter of consideration. When you go to select the lenses, the longer range stuff is also an effective one. You must evaluate these items.


camera stabilizer
Camera Stabilizer

When you record video, the stabilizer is one of the most important factors for having excellent video. At present, lots of equipment is available for stabilization. You can take the best tripod to keep your camera stable so that you can have the monopod and slider

There are three primary configurations of image stabilization such as digital IS, optical IS and dual IS.

Image stabilization technology is used to minimize the shake of the camera. When you use the shooting in the low light condition, you feel that the shutter speed of your camera is very low. As a result, vibration and shake occur and the possibility of having a blurry photo is too much.

Yet, you will have different types of a digital camera which does carry the IS. In this field, you have to be sincere enough and take steps. You should keep yourself steady supporting yourself s against any wall or door frame. Besides, you can keep your camera on the tripod appropriately so that your camera is stable enough.



When you go to select the best video production equipment, you never neglect the sound system. The sound is the most effective part to maintain the quality of your video. When you go to take the video, the recording system should be more accurate. Besides, there are different types unexpected sound captured vividly.

When you go to select the sound system, you have to take some pre-steps so that you have your professional video enough fair. The right micro position maintains the quality of the sound of your video. There are lots of microphones available for having appropriate video production. You should keep an extra microphone for supporting your camera set up.


digital audio recorder
Digital Audio Recorder

The portable audio recorder is the most effective one for having lucid video. You are highly recommended to use high-quality video recorder like as the Canon 5D Mark III. But these types of video recorder take maniac audio input. So it is not worthy of professional sound quality. That is why the portable video recorder is too important for having the expected video sound.



A headphone is the most effective while shooting. So a good quality headphone provides you comfortable to judge the quality of your sound. It is one of the most effective equipment for producing the best quality video.


The above description of the best video production equipment is effective for all video producers. If you are fresher in this field, you should judge the mention-able equipment. You can have benefit having the Best video production equipment.

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