Led VS Fluorescent Video Lighting-What’s The Major Difference?

Led VS Fluorescent Video Lighting-What’s The Major Difference?

Both LEDs and Fluorescent are effective in our daily life. It also plays the most important role in our office, warehouse, stores and store corner. Besides, the lights are too useful in the sphere of video making.

The fluorescent lighting device is sometimes mysterious to us. Sometimes, we are surprised how the tin lamp focuses too much. What is the inner side of this lamp? The fluorescent lamps provide the excellent light without heat. Those lamps are more effective than others incandescent lighting.

Fluorescent lamps are of different shapes such as circular, U-bend, liner and compact. Fluorescent lamps are designed with the electronic ballasts as A result, it focuses the splendid light. Fluorescent light is one of the most effective light in the realm of the video industry. It is being used too much. The light produces the ultraviolet light through the mercury-vapor.

LED is another effective light. People are benefited in many ways having the LED light. Especially, the professional video makes uses this types of light too much.

Both LED and fluorescent is better. But those are different with different aspects. As each and every light has the distinctive features. Their functionality is also different from each other.

By going through the whole pages, you will be able to specify the different good aspect of the led vs fluorescent video lighting.

If you buy two light with the different price, you can have that the fluorescent light is the more powerful than the LED light. It is easy to have the good exposure from the fluorescent light but if you want to have the same exposure the LED light, you have to struggle enough.

Difference Between LED VS Fluorescent Video Lighting

Both LED and fluorescent produce light. But the way of producing is quite different than any other. The fluorescent bulbs carry the inert gas in the glass but LED is made of solid technology. Fluorescent lights create the UV radiation, later it turns into visible light through the phosphor coating the bulb. On the others hand, The LED provides the electromagnetic radiation through the light spectrum. The LED is designed to produce infrared energy. It does not waste energy and never produces the UV radiation like the Fluorescent lights.

LED And Fluorescent Lights Are Worthy of Creating Video

A few decades ago, the LED has surpassed the fluorescent light from a different angle. The use of LED light is increasing day after day at a rapid rate. Further, fluorescent lamps need the ballast to produce light. But the negative aspect of the ballast is that those have the minor shortcoming as a result, this light makes the audible buzzing noise and it is damaged sometimes.

Besides, there are some shortcoming of the fluorescent light, you may realize going through the mentioned lines. Fluorescent lights have the elongated shape. That why sometimes it creates the retrofit problem. Besides it waste disposal issues because of the reliance on mercury. Fluorescent lights do not produce light directly, rather, it emits light from the 360-degree angle.

Fluorescent light is effective for video making But LED is more efficient than that. Fluorescent lights are longer but the LED is the longest. Fluorescent lamps have the ballast. So the lights are damaged in the long run. Thereafter, it produces the audible sound.

Some light specialist says that the red light has suppressed the fluorescent lighting. Although the Led lighting is more expensive than the fluorescent lighting. Ultimately the LED is better with quality to make the video.

The Fundamental Facts of LED VS Fluorescent Video Lighting

LED light is not fragile like the fluorescent light. If you think about the brightness of the LED light, you will have that the LED light is brighter than the Fluorescent Lights. Besides, there is not pirating factor among the LED light but the Fluorescent Lights contains.

On the other hand, if you think about the durability, the red light is more durable than others fluorescent lighting. LED light is longer and stronger but the fluorescent is fragile as it consists of the light lamp. It can be broken at any time.

Color Accuracy

CRI works as a measurement of the quality light. Both lights are of the distinctive quality. LED has the magenta tint where fluorescent has the green tint. Both the lights are used as video lighting. You can use any of those light for your video making.


Softness is a crucial issue for video making. The fluorescent light product diffused and soft light which are too effective for Video creator. Fluorescent light provides softer than LED also. Do you want to use the soft light for sake of video making, you can use the fluorescent light.

Correlated Color Temperature

One can change the phosphor inside the bulb of fluorescent light for being adjusted. But LED has the wide range of color. The range of the LED color is increased gradually. The color of the light transforms generally from yellow to blue.


CRI is an important factor of the LED light. The range of the CRI value is generally from 65-95. But the range of fluorescent is between 62 and 80. The CRI is good for both light. But LED is better than the fluorescent.

Cycling (Turning On/Off)

LED light is steady. It produces light without any kinds of flicker. It is ideal because it turns on and off ideally. But the fluorescent light takes time after turning on the switch. The fluorescent light is improved gradually. Sometimes the fluorescent light seems to flicker.


You will have the dimming function available in the LED light. One can turn the light from 100% to 0.5%. How much dim is fixed depends on the preference of the user and the performance of situation. But on the others hand, the fluorescent bulb is fixed. So it is not possible to make dim.


When we judge about the efficiency. The fed is the most efficient. The range of the efficiency is from 37 and 120 lumens/watt. The LED system is efficient. But on the others hand, the efficient of the fluorescent light is higher than incandescent light but lower than the LED light.


LEDs never lose the radiation types as it produces a very narrow spectrum. The emission of the light is directly converted to the visible light. Fluorescent lights have the layer of phosphor. It has the UV radiation. So Almost 11 % emission is lost during energy dissipation.

Lifespan of LED VS Fluorescent Video Lighting

LED Light is longer than any others light. All the LED lights lifespan is not same. But the on the average lifespan of the LED light is from 20000 hours to the 2100,000. Fluorescent lights have enough durability than others light. But in the comparison to other light. It is less with the durability. The range of the lifespan is from the 7,000 hours to 15,000 hours.

Lifetime Costs of LED VS Fluorescent Video Lighting

LED lighting has the low lifetime cost. But it deserves more at the initial stage but it has no mentionable cost of maintenance. It is important for energy improvement. But the Fluorescent lights are cheap relatively. But it deserves the more expensive to maintain. The LED has not maintained ace cost. But the Fluorescent bulbs need to change the ballast and has to monitor and replace the expired components.

Upfront Costs

LED light costs are higher than others cost. It depends on the lights. The cost of the light depends on the specification of light. Fluorescent light cost is less than the LED light. The light widely depends on the specific technology.

Shock Resistance

LEDs light are solid and strong. It is not easy to damage. But the fluorescent light is not strong enough. It is fragile so it can be damaged easily. That’s why, at the time of handing the fluorescent light, one has to take care especially.

Cold Tolerance

The LED light is tolerable to use in the cold tolerance. Even one can use this in the Minus 40 Degrees Celsius. But the fluorescent is with the magnetic ballasts. It requires higher than 50-60 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Fluorescent Lights

The lights are gas discharge light. CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Light. There are plenty of fluorescent light available. Fluorescent lamps provide the ultra-violet emission. It has the coating inner layer of the tube. The light is simple but takes the significant voltage to turn on. Sometimes it takes time to turn on because it has to be warmed up first of all. Fluorescent lights provide lighting to the vast area. The lights are of high efficiency.

Final Word

LED and fluorescent light play the effective role in the fields of making a video. You will have both similarities and dissimilarities between two types of lights. In the spheres of video making, the two types of lights are used widely. LED is expensive than fluorescent light. The fluorescent light provides the softer light than the LED light. Two types of light provide benefit ultimately. But the lights have enough variation.

What’s The Major Upside to LED Lights?

No doubt, LED is the most effective light. The using field of the LED is wider. It is more powerful than others light. These are last-longer. In the comparison of the Fluorescent lights. It is better with the many aspects. Yet, there is some perk of the LED light.

So everyone has to be sincere about these for balancing the LED and fluorescent light. By observing the LED light, I have found some defects in the color, directional and size. Everyone should know this for bringing his judgment into balance. The red light has no any color filtration. It has been designed to generate to focus the visible light color. LEDs are directional normally. The size of the LED is smaller than others light. The expenditure of the LED light is more than others light.It is the great disadvantages of the lighting.


When we draw the conclusion which is the better between led vs fluorescent video lighting. Very few can say directly. To speak the truth, no one is deniable as both are serving the world. Which light is better depends on the situation? Fluorescent light is worthy of providing the high CRI, pleasing light and background light. The fed is also great for its hair light, backlight and a kicker. It is a matter of observation that both lights are using widely for video making.


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